– 1st Lieut Paul SWANK
Killed in Action. — In my opinion no man could die a more noble death than this Officer who sacrificed his own life to pro­ tect his men while they escaped. His courage was so great that it won the praise of the enemy.
– T/3 Claude A. GALLEY
Wounded in Action. – He fought side by side with his officer and after his officer had fallen, he fought on against hopeless odds until he was rendered helpless as far as further combat was concerned.
Heroism. When fired on by three of the enemy, he fell as if he was dead and tricked them into coming out in the open where he killed all three of them single handed.
– T/5 Jean KOHN
Bravery. Although wounded in the leg by a frag­ mentation grenade, he continued to fight and after night-fall walked eight miles to re-join friendly forces.
– T/5 Nolan .J. FRICKEY
Meritorious Service. — This man stepped out in front as a leader after his officer and squad leader became casualties and placed his men behind cover along a ridge where they.
Fired on the enemy until the enemy was forced to turn back in retreat.


– T/3 Claude A. GALLEY
Enemy forces. — Right hand and left foot — hand serious-either shrapnel or explosive ammu­ nition. — 17 August 1944. Line of duty while on mission of destroying a road near ALET, France. — Tourniquet, bandage by Maquis and French Red Cross, minor operation by French doctor at hospital in QUILLAN and also treatment and fluoroscopes with sulfadiazine crystal dressings and tablets for three weeks — Evacuated to CARCASSONNE Same treatment — evacuated to 59th Evac. Hosp., CAMPTERRES, France — Medical Technician and French doctors.
Recommended for the Purple Heart : yes.
– T/5 Jean Kohn
Enemy forces — Shrapnel upper right leg — 17 August 1944 — Line of Duty while on mission of destroying a road near ALET, France. — Compress and initial dose of sulfadiazine ointment and crystal dressingsand eight sulfadiazine tablets per day for five days — Examined at 59th Evac, Hosp and recommended there for Purple Heart — Examined French Hospital at LIMOUX — Medical Technician, AUS doctors and French doctor. — Duty — wound healing, no further treatment needed, shrapnel still in leg .
Recommended for Purple-Heart : yes.


– 1st Lieut Paul Swank : Killed in Action — 17 August 1944. —
Wounded by M. G, fire, right leg, right shoulder and left shoulder and one clip (Pistol) ammunition entering under chin and passing through over right ear (this was the fatal wound).
– Witnesses — T/3 Claude A. Galley, and T/5’s Jean Kohn, Rock G. Veilleux, Nolan FRICKEY, and eight Maquis also several unidentified Frenchmen-Examination — Body evacuated to QUILLAN by French Red Cross.