US Peg’s group special recon bn 2671st

14 men composed the US commando

Commando PEG

Bottom Row - Left to Right: Pete Weyer - John Guion - Nolan Frickey - Roy Allemand - W.J. Strauss - H.A. Sampson -- Top Row: Grahl Weeks - Roy Armentor - R. Arnone - Claude Galley - J.P. White - R.G. Veilleux - A.E. Bachand - Jean Kohn - P. Swank

– 1er Lt Grahl H. WEEKS
– 1er Lt Paul SWANK
– S/Sgt Herbert A. Sampson
– medical technician T/3 John P. GUION
– W/T operator T/5 Albert E. Bachand

Lt WeeksLt SwankS/Sgt SampsonT/3 GuionT/5 Bachand


– T/3 Andrew R. Armentor
– T/5 Joseph White
– T/5 Jean Kohn
– T/5 Rock G. Veilleux
– T/5 Nolan J. Frickey

T/3 ArmentorT/5 WhiteT/5 KohnT/5 VeilleuxT/5 Frickey


– T/3 Claude Galley
– T/5 Roy J. Allemand ( he didn’t jump but he joined the group later)
– T/5 Raymond Arnone
– T/5 Peter Weyer
– T/5 William J. Strauss

T/3 GalleyT/5 AllemandT/5 ArnoneT/5 WeyerT/3 Strauss

  • 10 containers C and CLE type and 3 parcel
  • 150 French gold coins and 10000 French Francs for each officer
  • 20 French gold coins and 10000 French Francs for each soldier

Jump order

Weeks, Strauss, Allemand, Frickey,Guion, Sampson, Kohn, Bachand, Veilleux, Weyer, Arnone, Galley, White, Armentor, Swank.

Commando Weeks

Field indicative

  • «ordonnance» flashing signal «R» letter
  • Password : «la peau vaut mieux que la bête»
  • Reply : «pas si la bête est grasse»
  • Name of mission «platinium».


According to Grahl Weeks, these operation was called Peg by the LTC Clark, chief of the battalion of OSS, it is the diminutive of PEGGY, usual feminine given name, but it was also the first name of Paul Swank’s fiancée. Feminine given name was affected at each group; the OSS’s chiefs had considered that if German found the mission code, they would consider that these missions were not very important.

US commando insigne
US commando insigne
US commando insigne
US commando insigne