Andrew R. Armentor

Andrew R. ArmentorT/3 ArmentorAndrew R. Armentor

I remember, I was one of the last to jump. The plane was either a Halifax or Stirling; it was a jump from the bottom, not from the door. It was a low jump because when the parachute opened and blossomed, moment later I landed and lost conscious. I remained in the village under the care of the people there. I do not recall their names, but I was well threaded and I was very grateful for their generosity. I think he was a forest ranger.
I was separated from the group at Avignon, and I was sent to Marseille.
I must say the people of France threaded us very well.

Andrew R. Armentor
Luisiana 13/11/04

Armentor was wounded on the back during the landing in rocky zone.