Sébastien Minuzzo alias CADENE

CADENE Sébastien MinuzzoSébastien MinuzzoHis father left Italy in 1930 and his family joined him in 1932.

After arriving in France, the king of Italy abdicated and Mussolini’s opponents were deported .

Sébastien Minuzzo was called up by the French army and sent to Normandy.

While on leave during the winter of 1943, he came to visit his parents at Carcassonne, In March he met Dertru a friend of his and together they decided to join the maquis in the Noire (black) Mountain.

As they carried no papers on them, they went to Carcassonne, and to avoid the checks by the militia on passengers travelling by bus to Limoux, they walked and near the hospital they met Ito Donati who was just leaving the hospital. Donati led them to the maquis of Jean Robert in March 1944 at Salvezines.

Minuzzo was a liaison officer. He suffered very much from the lack of food and hard living conditions.