Roger Lagoute alias Montcalm

Montcalm Roger LagoutteRoger LagoutteHe was at the EDF school at Axat and belonged to the Compagnons de France.
He wanted to join England during the war by going through Spain and left with a friend going through the valley of Vicdessos via Montcalm mountain.
When they reached the mountain on foot, the gendarmes stopped them and asked what they were doing there. Their hesitations and suspicious explanations, and above all seeing they were very young (16 years of age) the gendarmes told them to go back to where they came from and warned them that this time they would get away lightly but not the next time…
They got in touch with an inhabitant of Artigues known as Mounie, a watchman at the electric station in Axat, Roger Lagoute joined the Maquis Jean Robert at Salvezines. He was one amongst its youngest members.
He helped the maquis to get possession of supplies in Axat and participated in the battle against the Germans at Alet.