Daniel Soler alias ROUSSEAU

ROUSSEAU Daniel SolerDaniel SolerI was born in Carcassonne in 1922, the STO invited me on the end of 1943, for some period I was hided, while my mother asked to the police who looked for me, and she didn’t know where I was.
I joined the maquis of Salvezines on June 1944. It was Bonot who allowed me to join the maquis.

I choose the maquis of Salvezines rather than this one of Querigut, netherteless closer from my house (I lived in Artigues – Ariege), for political reason.

The life at the maquis was very hard, I often walked between the camp and Usson where my wife was, using the funicular way.

During the night of the 10th to 12th , I was with the team who received the US paratrooper.

Our chiefs, (Jean-Louis and Caplan) were discreet about the source of them information and they affected mission to us.

Rousseau was my war name and it was given by my chiefs.

Daniel Soler