Henry Melich alias SANS

SANS Henry MelichHenry Melich called SANS, I was born in Barcelona on October 5th 1925.
I was named myself SANS in memory of a famous person of the war of Spain.
I was a communist sympathizer and I wished to join the resistance.
I contacted Adrien Baudru of Quillan , a communist also, I wanted to join Picaussel but he told me that Salvezines, would suit my ideas better and he led me there.
I met Marti (Jean Daras) who had joined the maquis whereas he was under house arrest in Quillan. I could have been closer to him but he was quite a reserved enough.
I took part in the life and the actions of the maquis as a simple maquisard. At the liberation I wanted to go back to Spain to continue the clandestine fight, but there nothing occurred as we wanted and I returned to France. It was the rout.
SANS Henry MelichSANS Henry Melich

In spite of the fact that I had left my comrades of the maquis, I met Jean-Louis (Meyer) who me did not bear a grudge and reinstated me in the group.
I was in Carcassonne, Narbonne, Castelnaudary on the day before Christmas we travelled by train to Doubs.
I was released on May 1945. I had also a discussion with Caplan ( Milner ) who dissuaded me to return to Spain, if I were to do something I was to do it starting from the border.